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Our aim in university cooperation is to establish lasting links with institutional partners for mutual enrichment in terms of experience and expertise in key activities.
Our partnerships enable us to:

  • Enhance the international visibility of public higher education and research establishments.
  • Increase their ability to attract foreign researchers, lecturers, PhD students and students.
    Support international mobility.
  • Encourage the exchange of knowledge, mutual learning and the development of joint activities in these fields.
  • Develop the participation of these establishments in institutional cooperation and exchange networks.
  • Ensure a lasting international presence.

Our main partnerships

Student exchange

Student exchanges are mobility stays of one or two sessions that enable you to enrich your academic career by taking courses at another university as part of your training.

Our student exchanges take place on an international scale, following our International Mobility Program.

Customized programs

Usually in conjunction with teachers and experts with proven track records in the international business world. We give our students the opportunity to learn and exchange with these great personalities, both face-to-face and remotely.

Diplomas with international partnerships (double-diploma, Erasmus Mundus, delocalized courses, etc.)

An International Partnership Diploma (IPD) covers different types of collaboration between RHIT and one or more foreign establishments, with a view to awarding a double or multiple diploma(s), a joint diploma, or the relocation of a RHIT course to a partner establishment.

These programs enable students to study at one or more foreign universities, for one or more semesters, either continuously or in instalments. At the end of their training, students obtain both the RHIT diploma and the diploma(s) of the partner university(ies).

Among these programs, the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters are integrated international study programs of excellence. They are funded by the European Union, which awards competitive scholarships to the world’s best students.

Research & Innovation

As a research-intensive university covering all scientific fields, RHIT is committed to creating new knowledge and transferring new knowledge and technological innovations to civil society, the economy and the cultural world.

Our Academic Partners

Our Socio-Economic Partners